Batik Painting Class

Batik is an indonesian technique of wax resist dyeing applied to the whole cloth. batik is made either by drawing dots and lines of wax with a spouted tool called "Canting" or by printing the wax with a copper stamp called "Cap". The waxed areas resist the dye when the cloth is immersed in a bath of vibrant colors, creating intricate patterns and designs. The process of creating batik involves a meticulous and time-consuming craftsmanship, as artisans skillfully navigate the delicate balance between wax application and dyeing to achieve the desired visual effects. 

In this class you will experience basic step of how to do batik painting using "Canting" tools. If you usually paint on a canvas using watercolor or acrylic, this time you will draw on a fabric canvas using wax and fabric dye. It is a whole lot different experience than just painting on a canvas and you can also get addicted to!

The tactile and intricate nature of batik painting using "Canting" tools offers a unique and engaging artistic experience. Unlike traditional canvas painting with watercolor or acrylic, the process of applying wax to fabric and immersing it in dye requires a different set of skills and techniques. As you embark on this creative journey, you'll discover the art of controlling the flow of hot wax through the "Canting" tool, allowing you to draw dots and lines with precision on the fabric canvas. The wax acts as a resist, creating barriers that prevent the dye from permeating certain areas. 


Location : 

 Halobali Showroom 

 Busan-si Gwangan-dong 151-25 2nd Floor 

 (You can search Halobali on Naver/Kakao Map) 

 Price : 

 First visit 50,000 Won/person 

 Next visit 35,000 Won /person

Age :


 Time : 

2 hours 

 Maximum people per class is 4 with 2 teachers 

(1 Korean 1 Indonesian) 

 What will you do : 

 You will use Canting tools to apply the batik wax on a piece of cotton fabric with a wooden hoop ring as a frame (Diameter : 25 CM), after that you will color your drawing using the fabric dye. We’ll dry your artwork and you can take it home with you. 

 What will you get : 

 Your artwork in a wooden hoop ring that you can hang as an interior decoration. 

Our Batik Painting Class is using materials imported from Indonesia; from tools, wax (specialized for batik), fabric, and dye. 

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Kakao Channel : halobalikr